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Design Process:

For a qualified mold, a good mold design is the first step. Suntime has 6 designers in total with 5-10 year experience, they always pay special attentions on customers' specification and details.We have engineers and workers training every week to learn about customer's specification and other special requests. Their many years experience for exporting molds give them great knowledge of global mold standards.

2D layout: Normally within 2-4 working days. 

3D mold drawing: Normally within 3-5 working days.

Software: Pro/E, UG, AutoCAD, MasterCAM, Unigraphics, MoldFlow Mold Advisor

File format: IGES, STEP, AutoCAD DWG, DXF,PDF, STL, ProE, Solid Works Files, and so on.

Hot Runner:Mold Masters, Yudo, Incoe, Syventive, Husky, Hasco.....

Standard: Hasco, DME,LKM….

Communication: One to one on technical&sales communication in English

 2D LAYOUT 3D Drawing


Project Management:


With customers' parts drawing (2D&3D model) and specification descriptions, we hold meetings with designers, engineers and operation manager together to learn all the details and make a memo of the project. After that, our designers start DFM. With customers approval,they start the 2D layout &3D mold drawing.

During all the process, weekly report will be provided every Monday. In this case, if customer feedback anything, we will improve and make change accordingly.


From inquiry to PO, from design to mold shipment, engineers and sales will work together to communicate with customers. Timely response with 24/7 service and Flexible management are the mainly working style in this stage, so if customers has anything happened and need to change suddenly, Suntime can provide the best timely related response. 




Quality Control:


Quality molds guarantee quality parts.   In order to survive in this competitive world, quality is the life to keep alive.

From order, mold design, design communication and machining procedure to mold trials and shipment, every step is treated rigidly in Suntime based on the fully understand of customers specification&request 

Inspection from order to delivery:

• Customers mould specification and requirement discussion

• 2D&3D drawings double check and comparison before  manufacturing

• Incoming material inspection

• Mold Electrodes Inspection

• Mold Core and Cavity Steel Dimension Inspection

• Molding Reports and Samples Inspection reports

• Mold packing Double check and Inspection

Inspection machine and tools:

* CMM 

* Projector

* Hardness gauge

* Vernier caliper, micrometer, thick/thin plug gauge, screw gauge

* height gauge, surface Plate

Guarantee of Quality:

1.Rich experienced engineers.

2.Engineers and sales fully understanding of customer’s specifications and  timely, smoothly communication.

3. Incoming materials guarantee(certifications).

4. Skilled workers. 

5.Inspection of Steel, Electrodes and trial samples (CMM, projector,ect.)

6. Trials video, samples pictures, dimension report, moulding parameter,ect.

7. Double check in every details before delivery.(check list of customer’s requirements)